Quob Stables offers a variety of lessons for every age and ability, with regular group and individual lessons as well as more specialised activities and members events.

New to Quob Stables? Please take a look at our our induction video which explains everything you need to know before your first lesson. Assessments (for new clients) and lessons can be booked directly online. Just create an account and get booked in!

Please bear in mind that we do ask for payment upon booking. If you are calling to book we do ask that you pay via credit/debit card over the phone.

There is a strict 24 hour cancellation fee for cancelling or moving all lessons of 100%. Please note our weight limit is set at 13 stone for beginners. No refunds will be given on lessons except in the form of vouchers or credit on your account.

Quob is a fantastic place to either begin your riding journey or continue it.

The level of teaching from the instructors is second to none and the variety of horses and ponies they have ensures that there is always someone to ride that suits yourself and your riding level as it develops."

Quob Stables Loaning Scheme

Our Loan Scheme gives you the chance to enjoy the experience of owning your own horse in Quob’s fantastic facilities.

 Enjoy an hour’s riding (group lesson) and an hour’s care with your chosen horse/ pony three days a week. Download an Application Form for more details.

BHS exams and courses

All our instructors are BHS trained and include training with our proprietor Beth Boyes (BHSI) and Michelle Pack (BHSII). We have introduced a range of training options to help candidates during the coronavirus crisis. Take a look at our BHS page for more information or contact Reception on 02380 694657.

Quob Stables Pony Club

Quob Stables is an official Pony Club Centre and we run both an After School Pony Club and and a year round weekend Pony Club. 

Pony Club activities include mounted games, jumping and inter centre competitions, and working towards badges (once COVID allows).

Terms and conditions  

Booking terms and conditions:

  1. Riding is a risk sport and holds potential danger, and that all horses may react unpredictably on occasions.
  2. We advise all persons participating in any equestrian activity to ensure that they have adequate personal accident insurance.
  3. We allocate horses to riders taking into account experience and suitability; however all riders retain the right not to ride a horse allotted to them. Quob Stables reserves the right to makes changes to the lessons or instructors, including cancellations if necessary, in every circumstance we will endeavour to notify clients of such changes.
  4. All clients must wear a riding hat approved to current BHS Standard whenever participating in riding activities or leading horses. All clients are asked to wear suitable footwear and to wear gloves.
  5. All clients must not mount their horse or pony without an instructor present.
  6. Clients are asked not to wear jewellery of any description when riding or in the stable area.
  7. Clients are requested to inform Quob Stables if any of the information is altered.
  8. We retain the right to terminate a client contract if we feel necessary.
  9. Payment must be made in full at time of booking. A cancellation fee for booked activities becomes payable if the mandatory 24 hour cancellation period is not given. No refunds will be given on lessons except in the form of vouchers or a credit on the client’s account.

Recommended clothing:

Full length trousers, boots with a small heel and with my shoulders covered. NO SHORTS OR ¾ LENGTH TROUSERS, NO TRAINERS, NO STRAPPY TOPS.

Quob Stables strongly recommends that after 6 weeks of riding you purchase your own riding hat.

Please watch our health and safety video for more information for your first riding lesson:

Here at Quob Stables, we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account, such as booking lessons on our diary system. Our Client Registration Forms are required for health and safety reasons and are entered onto our diary system. We keep Client Registration forms on file in a secure room (accessible by staff only) and they are kept for as long as our insurance company deem necessary. In the event of any injury and incident, you details may also be made available to Insurers and other concerned parties. We run CCTV in certain areas of the premises, and occasionally save clips of any incidents that maybe shared with our insurers or concerned parties. If you wish to opt out or erase your data from our system and storage at any time, please email enquiries@quobstables.com for data form.